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This site is dedicated to supporting empaths, intuitives, and lightworkers grow their gifts and empower their healing.  

My name is Lindsey Luna and I am a shamanic energy healer, Reiki master, massage therapist, and mental health advocate. My approach is holistic and I specialize in spiritual awakening, post traumatic growth, and recovery. My goal is to help you heal, grow, and master your energetic space so that you can share your gifts with the world. My services include energy healing, Reiki infused massage therapy, tarot readings, and coming soon I will be offering courses.

How To Crystal Grid Your Home or Room for Spiritual Protection

TweetPin456Share18474 Shares It’s very easy to crystal grid your home or room to protect the energy of your space from unwanted spirits and lower energies. Watch the above video to learn just how easy it is. You will need at least 4 crystals to put at the farthest corners of your room or house and optional generator/amplifier crystal. TweetPin456Share18474 Shares

Chakras Demystified: An Introduction to Our Chakra System

TweetPin1Share1 SharesA big part of the energy healing I provide is focused on clearing and balancing our chakra system. Many people have heard of chakras, but they don’t understand exactly how they are connected to our overall health. Let’s explore them now! SO WHAT ARE CHAKRAS? Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. They are spiral shaped energy centers of our spiritual body…

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Crown Chakra

TweetPin1Share12 SharesCrown Chakra Core Affirmation: I understandSanskrit Name: SahasraraColor: White or PurpleLocation: Top of HeadCorresponding physical locations: Brain and Neurological SystemConnection to Higher Power | Connection to Higher Self |Seeing We Are All One WELCOME TO THE CROWN CHAKRA! To read more information about chakra basics please click here. SYMPTOMS OF A BALANCED CROWN CHAKRA Love and acceptance of the divine Ability to see we…

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Third Eye Chakra

TweetPinShare11 SharesThird Eye Chakra Core Affirmation: I SeeSanskrit Name: AjnaColor: IndigoLocation: In the middle of the foreheadCorresponding physical locations: Eyes, Upper Sinuses, Pituitary, HypothalamusPsychic Sight | Intuition | Imagination | Decision Making | Thinking WELCOME TO THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA! To read more information about chakra basics please click here. SYMPTOMS OF A BALANCED THIRD EYE Strong intuition and healthy connection with…

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Throat Chakra

TweetPinShare0 SharesThroat Chakra Core Affirmation: I speakSanskrit Name: VishuddhaColor: BlueLocation: Center of the Throat/NeckCorresponding physical locations: Ears, Nose, Throat, Esophagus, Tonsils, Jaw, Teeth, Gums, ThyroidCommunication | Expression of Feelings and Personal Truth | Ability to See Truth |  Ability to Listen  | Creativity WELCOME TO THE THROAT CHAKRA! To read more information about chakra basics please click here. SYMPTOMS OF A BALANCED THROAT…

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Heart Chakra

TweetPinShare44 Shares Heart Chakra Core Affirmation: I loveSanskrit Name: AnahataColor: GreenLocation: Center of the chestCorresponding physical locations: Heart, Lungs, Arms, Hands, ThymusLove | Creative Expression | Compassion |  Connection | Vulnerability | Joy To read more information about chakra basics please click here. WELCOME TO THE HEART CHAKRA! SYMPTOMS OF A BALANCED HEART CHAKRA Able to love freely and without condition Able to receive…

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Solar Plexus Chakra

TweetPin6Share39 SharesSolar Plexus Chakra Core Affirmation: I doSanskrit: ManipuraColor: YellowLocation: Slightly above navel.Corresponding physical locations: Pancreas, adrenal glands, stomach, and intestinesSelf-esteem | Self Worth | Power | Initiation | Will | Confidence WELCOME TO THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA To learn more about the rest of the chakras visit here! SYMPTOMS OF  A HEALTHY SOLAR PLEXUS Positive self esteem and self worth Reliable…

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Sacral Chakra

TweetPin2Share57 SharesSacral Chakra Core Affirmation: I feelSanskrit Name: SvadhisthanaColor: OrangeLocation: Slightly below navelCorresponding physical locations: reproductive organs, urinary system, reproductive hormonesEmotions | Creative Expression | Pleasure |  Joy | Sexuality | Passion WELCOME TO THE SACRAL CHAKRA! To read more information about chakra basics please click here. SYMPTOMS OF A BALANCED SACRAL CHAKRA Healthy creative and sexual expression Healthy relationship with…

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Base Chakra

TweetPin2Share1214 Shares Base Chakra Core Affirmation: I amSanskrit Name: MuladharaColor: RedLocation: Base of the spine on the end of our tail boneCorresponding physical body parts: perineum, colon/large intestine, lower reproductive organs, legs, overall physical healthSecurity | Stability | Our Financial Lives | Survival | Foundation | Grounding WELCOME TO THE BASE CHAKRA! To read more information about chakra basics please click…

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Full Moon In Leo & Total Lunar Eclipse

TweetPin2Share57 Shares On Monday the 21st, the first eclipse doorway of 2019 will close with a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. We have been feeling this intense energy since the doorway first opened on January 5th/6th with a partial solar eclipse. Eclipses are powerful because they stir up the energy within us so that we can clear…

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