Energy Healing

The energy healing I provide is meant to help clear and heal your spirit, ground you into your body, and raise your overall energetic vibration. These sessions can be done in office or long distance over Skype.

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Over time our spirit, which I view as our soul that inhabits our body during this lifetime, can become damaged or bogged down by energetic gunk. Trauma, unhealthy relationships, living in unhealthy environments, not taking care of ourselves, and even our own unhealthy mental thought processes can negatively affect our spirit.


Sessions will be a mixture of some or all of the following:
  • Clearing and balancing chakras
  • Reiki
  • Healing your aura
  • Grounding your spirit
  • Healing your masculine and feminine
  • Cord removal
  • Psychic attack removal and prevention
  • Entity removal
  • Messages from your guides to help you
  • Messages from passed on loved ones (I do not offer mediumship specific sessions, I will only pass on messages if it is relevant to the session).
  • Soul retrieval
  • Past life healing
  • Raising your overall spiritual and energetic vibration
  • Clear out repressed emotions (This doesn’t mean that you will be free from processing emotions and working through your past patterns. Instead what this does is help free us from the backlog so we can do the work we need to heal).
  • Clearing & removing blocks
  • Empathic, intuition, and psychic development coaching

Together, let’s clear out all that spiritual baggage that isn’t you so that you can fully shine like you were always meant to. I am going to support you and with Spirit, we co-create the healing session that you need at the time that you receive. I believe that spirituality is a unique and individual experience. So while we will be working with energy, I will meet you where you are and honor your spirituality no matter what religion or lack of religion you are.

Text or Call Lindsey at 208-871-4979 to book!

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Would you like to combine an energy healing session with a tarot reading?
I would be happy to blend your sessions to include both energy healing and tarot readings. Be sure to book a tarot reading instead so that I have my cards ready for your appointment. Then just let me know before we start that you would like to receive both.

Text or Call Lindsey at 208-871-4979 to book!


I look forward to working with you. If a session isn’t a good fit right now, please connect with me in other ways down below. All of my love, 

Lindsey Luna

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**Disclaimer: I am an energy healer and massage therapist. My blog focuses on healing your spiritual energy body. Anything you find within my blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Read more about my health disclaimer here.**

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