Tarot Reading For December 9th-15th, 2018

Tarot Reading For December 9th-15th, 2018


What’s at hand and overall theme for the week: Hope

This is a very positive and uplifting card. It shows up to remind us that the impossible can indeed be possible! After the new moon in Sagittarius on December 7th this card lets us know that the dreams and bold choices that we’re making will truly bring in our highest dreams. So show up and believe. The future is yours when you have hope. Believe in your abilities, trust yourself, and trust your intuition. You have the power and the smarts to move yourself to where ever you want to go.

What to do: Recognition and reward

Take time this week to really honor your progress. Pat yourself on the back, the rewards you have worked hard for are here and you deserve them. Your hard work, faith, and diligence has paid off. Take some time this week to celebrate yourself and to celebrate your wins. It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of life trying to push yourself forward with your eyes gazed on your unaccomplished goals. However, you have accomplished so much already! You deserve to be proud of your progress and to treat yourself! This card also asks that you open your arms up to receive complements, love, and support from others. You deserve to celebrate you and let others do it too.

Messages from your guides: Comfort

Your guides and higher power wants you to know that you are never alone and that you always have their support. Take comfort in knowing that you have a spiritual team on your side dedicated to help you on your journey. Open yourself up to this guidance and to this support. Take time to show yourself the love and support you deserve from you. Carve out some relaxation and self care this week. <3

In conclusion

Don’t forget that you have everything you need right now to succeed and don’t forget that you already have accomplished so much! You are a powerful being full of love, strength, skills, and intuition. This is your validation that you are so capable and worthy of your wildest dreams. Love yourself and treat yourself extra this week.


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