Tarot Readings


I have been working with tarot and oracle cards since I was a young kid. When I first got them, I remember shocking everyone because of how accurate the readings were.  It was a lot of fun and I’ve continued to work with them until this day.

I love oracle cards because I believe they really help validate our intuition and bring things into our awareness that we need to see. One important thing to note though, is that it should never be a replacement for your own intuition and your own inner wisdom–instead a tool to use.


How I work with these cards is by sensing the energy of the situation, the relationship, or question you have. Messages come through to me from your guides and the cards that were pulled. I combine this into a detailed reading for you sent as a PDF document.

I intuitively pick out which deck to use before each reading. Cards have a different energy depending on who created them and the intention behind them.

Text or Call Lindsey at 208-871-4979 to book!

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